Find the right wood and it’s colour

Before starting to build the new bench or outdoor bench furniture, it is advisable to do a little preliminary planning . The variety of benches that can be built by yourself and the possibilities for customization are great.

Once the shape of the bench has been planned, it is important to find the right wood for the construction. If you want to build a garden bench yourself, robust, weather-resistant woods such as larch, Douglas fir, robinia, thermal ash or some others are ideal.

Inexpensive woods such as spruce, pine and fir can be used in the construction of outdoor furniture if they have been treated with one or more protective coatings beforehand . Protection against fungal attack, pests and UV rays is particularly important. Weather protection paint, wood protection glazes and some impregnations are suitable for a long-lasting garden bench.But not only the wood must weather withstand: The used screws  should to corrosion, so rust, be protected. Stainless steel and screws that are explicitly declared for outdoor use are ideal.

The right color for your garden bench

Before applying paint, it makes sense to sand the wood so that a smooth and even surface is created without splinters. In this way you create the basis for an even application of paint. First paint across and then along the grain. For your own safety, wear a face mask or respirator and goggles while sanding and painting . If you use steel elements such as pipes in your bench furniture, you should degrease them before painting. To do this, spread acetone on a cotton cloth and use it to thoroughly clean the steel elements. Wear work gloves to protect yourself.