Leather belts for men – the right size

There are a few things to consider when buying a belt. For example, the belt width is always printed on the back or on a label attached to it. When looking for the right size, there are several ways to determine hand made belts hong kong:

Use the old belt for comparison

Measure with a string somewhere in the middle between the lowest costal arch and the pelvic bone, this is the place where the pants normally sit and compare the length of the string with the new belt

Use a tape measure from the men’s outfitter or have the belt width measured on site

The length of the belt is always measured from the anchorage of the buckle mandrel and the buckle to the middle hole. Belt sizes start at 80 cm with the clothing size small and go up to 135 cm or up to 145 cm in oversize. To ensure that the belt actually fits, you should simply try it on. It should actually be clear, but I would like to mention that, for obvious reasons, buy hand made genuine leat should not necessarily be made immediately after a meal.

The buckle of the belt

The buckle, colloquially known as the “belt”, is probably the most important detail on the belt. There are a number of different models of the buckle, but only the classic belt buckle with a movable pin is suitable for the business sector. Because here, the more discreet the better. You should therefore avoid buckles with decorations or conspicuously engraved brand names or details. In most cases, the buckles in the business area can be found in silver optics, which harmonize easily with other accessories, even with a gold watch.