Pros: Veranda in PVC, Aluminium, Wood or Masonry?

The pros and cons of the most used materials for the supporting structure of a veranda

You are about to have a veranda built , do you know which style to give it, perhaps already how to furnish it, but you have not thought about the choice of material for its supporting structure? Take a moment to think about it, because the type of structure affects the cost of the work, the durability of the veranda and the final aesthetic effect screened in patio in Sacramento, CA

To help you choose, let’s analyze together the pros and cons of the most used materials: PVC, aluminum, wood and masonry.

How a veranda is made

A veranda is a structure, wholly or mostly glazed, made up of 2 or 3 walls and 1 roofing surface. The classic veranda is placed against an external wall of the house and mounted on a support structure on the ground capable of transferring the loads (weights) to the ground, called a foundation.

The foundation for the verandas is usually created by digging into the ground, casting a 5 cm concrete screed, followed by casting reinforced concrete with thicker bars (called slabs) and is finished like flooring. Thickness of concrete casting and amount of reinforcement vary in relation to the weight of the veranda.

Permits for the veranda

For the construction of the veranda, which constitutes an expansion of volume, a building practice signed by a qualified technician (architect, engineer, surveyor) is required, which can be a Scia or a Building Permit, and the payment of a contribution to the Municipality to a variable extent depending on the local tables.

Veranda in Pvc

PRO. The main advantage of the PVC structure is its excellent thermal insulation capacity at a low cost compared to structures in equally energy-efficient materials, such as wood or masonry. The PVC structure is quite solid, compared to the traditional aluminum structure, and in any case allows rapid installation even on foundations of limited thickness. In summary, the great advantages of the PVC veranda are: insulation, excellent quality/price ratio, quick installation.