Are Trade Shows And Fashion Shows the Way for the Textile Industry?

With customers spending more cautiously with the money they spend and the world supply chains going awry, it has become very tough to fix a strategy for the textile industry from now on.

One aspect is for certain that the coronavirus pandemic has made a huge shift to the manner in which the industry presently functions.

On this page, we will throw light on these changes pertaining to textile events, fashion shows, fabric exhibition and trade shows around the globe.

The first considerably big fashion weeks of the year 2020 have seen an entire digital makeover. The inaugural London Fashion Week became the very first of the big fashion capitals to present its digital platform in the month of June.

It showcased an altogether inclusive and friendlier event, in this it is free and gender-neutral for everybody globally. Runways are conventionally dedicated to company insiders, socialites and other celebrities, however with the evolution of digital events, almost anybody who has an internet connection may get a front-row seat.

Some companies also teamed up in order to raise cash for charity through asking the country to dress-up in outfits that bring them great joy and circulate videos of strutting on DIY catwalks in their homes. This was made into short films and broadcasted digitally.

Every brand that was involved in these events had its designer profile pages, showcasing their social media/press/sales contacts and work. The week got jam-packed with content that is virtual such as podcasts, interviews, digital showrooms and certainly, the after-parties!