More than just a shared office

The age of digitization has a major impact on our working world – in a positive sense. Because thanks to the mobile Internet, modern conference solutions and new technological developments, location-independent and flexible work is easily possible in many professions.

If you have dealt with the topic of co-working space Singapore, then it is very likely that you have come across the term “coworking”. Everyone needs to know and clarify what coworking actually is, for whom it is suitable and how the trend has developed over the years. One should  also find out for whom coworking can work well and what the average costs are.

Loosely translated, coworking space singapore basically means nothing more than “working together”. The form of work, originally created in Silicon Valley in California, describes a time-flexible workplace that several people share. Large, open spaces are characteristic of coworking. Large offices, entire floors, lofts, former factory halls and open-plan offices are therefore particularly suitable types of building.

Unlike a business center , coworking spaces are more “social”. Even with the so-called “jellies”, an earlier form of coworking space, today’s communities have little in common. Because at the Jellies people only met temporarily on set days for a “working event” – either at the participants’ home, in the office or in a selected café. In addition, there are joint events that are intended to strengthen the community feeling . But further training is not neglected in the community: regular events such as network events, mentoring programs, lectures on learning and workshops ensure that one’s own potential is sustainably promoted.