The Amazing iPhone Tips And Secrets. 

The truth is that nowadays, almost everyone has an iPhone. If you don’t have any smartphone in your pocket, stay serious technologically. It’s time to upgrade to this old phone and determine why you chose the iPhone when making this decision.

If your iPhone gets wet, avoid using it. Use the towel to dry, then later place your iPhone in a sealed plastic container with a bowl of dry white rice. Let it stay overnight. If it is dry the next morning, turn it on, and you may find it working again.

With the iPhone, one can immediately take photos on the iPhone. Buy iphone 12 offers, and you will definitely like it. This feature makes it easy to take photos quickly and never lose a memory.

There is an easy approach to delete many texts while typing on the iPhone. Begin by taking down that delete key.

To write messages to the iPhone, you can turn the auto-correction feature on or off. This feature will change the word you type incorrectly while entering a text message to a friend or family member with the most logical word they should have.

When you enter a web address to visit a page, sometimes you may not know the end of the domain name. Even if you do, there is a way to access it faster in the address bar. In the iPhone world, this is very useful. All you have to do is hold down the .com button to see the domain name’s different endings.